IP Prompting from CueScript

The industries only complete IP prompting solution.

Here at CueScript, IP prompting is in our DNA. We provide broadcasters, as well as prompter users, with a solution. This solution is not only flexible but encompasses the conventional connectivity and full IP connectivity in one single system. Here at CueScript, this comes as standard.

With CueScript we are here to support you for today and tomorrow. Our all in one system future proofs your purchase and delivers a fully flexible solution for all your IP prompting needs. If IP is the future of your operations then contact our CueScript team today and learn more.

The IP Prompting Pioneers

CueScript is home to the world’s first complete IP-based prompting solution. The move to IP is something we have been working on for some time; in fact, CueScript has been delivering the world’s first fully IP-ready prompting solution since 2016.

While the IP future is a given, we recognise that not all broadcasters are able to transition their entire workflows instantly or completely. Our systems therefore have an all-in-one approach, allowing our customers to adopt an IP infrastructure today if they are ready, but feature conventional connections such as USB, BNC CAN Bus, HD-SDI and Composite video that many studios still require.

IP is here, but whether you are ready for it now or later, our systems will give you reliable and future-proofed prompting today.

For more information on our IP prompting services, contact us today.