Operate your prompter from anywhere to anywhere


All our portable solutions provide flexible contact-free production and delivery.

The connectivity flexibility options offered by the CueScript CueiT software system and the CSMV2 IP-enabled monitors mean that an operator can control the prompt from anywhere to any location, as long as they’re on the network. All devices can be seen within CueiT and selected as required, and of course permissions can be put in place for security.

Your operator can be at home on their PC with a local scroll control connected via USB or Ethernet (PoE) and connect to the CueB device in the studio gallery, have full connection to the NRCS if required, and prompt from their home to the studio floor.

Alternatively, if a presenter is on location (even at their home) they can have the CSMV2 IP-enabled monitor setup and the operator can view this as an IP device on their CueiT software, wherever they are, connect directly and scroll live. All you would need for this is the CSMV2 17” or 19” prompter and a scroll control for the operator and/or the presenter, should they wish to scroll for themselves. All CueScript controls can be used: CSSC Desktop, CSFSC Foot, CSSCW Wireless Hand and CSFSCW Wireless Foot.

A big advantage of the CueScript system is that the license resides on the CueB and CSMV2 devices, therefore any IT approved computer can be connected. Our fantastic support team can assist via TeamViewer and administrative control settings can be put in place for security and peace of mind.

CueMe App

A further addition available with CueiT is our CueMe App. CueMe will allow the viewing on mobile and/or tablet devices of any rundown and story content loaded into CueiT, without effecting the live prompt output. Multiple rundowns can be loaded into CueiT, so many rundown or scripts can be viewed. Presenters/speakers/journalists can get an advanced preview of scripts, they can zoom and scroll through on their personal device, and even use it as a point of reference when live on location. CueMe receives updates upon request, so the latest information, figures and answers can be viewed.

CueMe is a license add-on to CueScript CueiT software. CueMe is available for iOS from the AppStore or Android from Google Play and is free to download.

Collapsible Hoods

To add to the portability factor, our Collapsible Hoods are incredibly smart and quick to set up. They have been improved and refined since this video was shot, as has the case, but the principle and speed of setup still remains the same, so please take a moment to view this short video.