CueScript’s wireless foot control device that operates and adjusts the speed and direction of scrolling text on the prompter. 
This wireless version of the CueScript foot control allows for freedom of prompting location.  Like an accelerator pedal, the further the pedal is pushed, the faster the scroll of text.
With a stylised and sturdy design, employing the very latest components for durability and reliance to give finite control and super smooth scrolling, the CueScript foot pedal has been carefully designed and engineered to provide the optimal balance of sensitivity, resistance and comfort, whether standing or seated.
As with all CueScript scroll controls, the CSFSCW receiver unit has Ethernet (PoE) and USB connectivity.

Please note that an external 12V power source is required for the CSFSCW wireless foot control.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency: 915MHz (US model) and 868MHz (ROW).
  • Distance: Up to 300m for 868MHz and 100m for 915MHz from transmitter (Wireless Foot pedal) to the receiver (Receiver unit).
  • The protocol allows multiple transmitter/receiver combinations to occupy the same frequency without interfering with each other.
  • The Receiver unit can be connected to the CueiT software via USB or Ethernet (PoE).
  • Foot pedal features a reverse button which provides immediate reverse action, instead of a switch.
  • Operates from an external 12V power source (not included).  The control can also be connected to an external 12V DC mains power source if required.

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