The Collapsible Hoods are super simple to rig and can easily be transported with the glass in place.  Available in small, medium and large sizes.

CSHCS Small Collapsible Hood - Perfect for jibs/cranes and small, lightweight setups. Use with CueScript Small Glass (CSGS). The CSHCS Small Collapsible Hood is included with the 10.4” prompter package (CSP10S).

CSHCM Medium Collapsible Hood - Lightweight and portable full size prompter hood. Use with CueScript Medium Glass (CSGM). Suitable for use with 15” and 17” CueScript Monitors: EMC15/ EMC17/ CSF15/ CSM17/ IP / CSMV217.​

CSHCL Large Collapsible Hood - Portable, wide prompter hood for wide angle shots and box lenses. Use with CueScript Large Glass (CSGL). Suitable for use with 15”, 17” and 19” CueScript Monitors: EMC15/ EMC17/ CSF15/ CSM17/ CSM19/ IP CSMV217/ IP CSMV219.

Technical Specification:

  • All CueScript Collapsible Hoods can fold down with glass remaining in place.
  • A bespoke wheeled flight case is available for a complete prompter system with the Medium or Large Collapsible Hood (CSHCM/ CSHCL).
  • A bespoke shoulder bag is available for the complete 10.4" CSP10S prompter system, which includes the Small Collapsible Hood (CSHCS).

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