Featuring CueTALK® (Ethernet) and SMPTE 2110 IP connectivity, as well as SD/HD/3G-SDI, Composite video and HDMI, all included as standard and native, so converters are not required.

Customers can continue to use existing equipment while being ready to make a transition to IP if they wish and at their own pace, assuring a future-proofed purchase with cutting-edge technology.

The core of the monitor is a high-resolution video rendering engine providing a CueTALK® interface over TCP/IP to the CueiT prompting application. In addition, the monitor offers video over IP ST2110, digital and analogue video inputs, a switched auxiliary SDI output, extensive USB interfacing and a user-friendly control interface and menu system. At the front end is a high-resolution 1500 nit, low power display capable of operating in challenging environments.

Broadcasters and system integrators looking at all-SMPTE IP installations need no longer rely on SDI-SMPTE gateway converters, thus allowing the CSMV2 a seamless interconnection with 10GigaBit fibre IP switches. This allows both the prompt and Talent Monitor to be fed from a single 10GB fibre cable, even when the Talent Monitor is an existing SDI-only display.

The CSMV2 monitor is set to DHCP as factory default for quick use, but can also be set to a Static IP address in more complex networks and assigned a friendly name, making it easy to recognize and manage within CueiT and throughout the network.

The CSMV2 prompters are incredibly swift to setup with integrated mounting and the CueScript CueLock feature; a spin lock mechanism in which all parts are captive. A sleek, low profile design not only looks good, but is robust and durable. The built in LED cue lights have adjustable brightness and a wrap-around design offering 180˚ viewing. Low energy consumption means that no fans are required, so there are no moving parts.

Presenters will notice a difference with CueScript’s range of prompters due to the high-resolution LED screens, high contrast ratio and super smooth scrolling from CueScript’s CueiT software.

Technical Specification:

  • CueTALK® Ethernet, 2 x SD/HD/3G-SDI, 1 x HDMI and 1 x Composite inputs as standard.
  • Optional SFP-2110 input facility.
  • Ethernet input is data-only, no video transmission.
  • Connects over VLANs, subnets and VPNs for remote capabilities.
  • Ability to select the CSMV2 monitor at operator/admin discretion, and to lock this configuration.
  • Powered by AC mains or 4 Pin XLR 12V DC, with power out for external devices.
  • T-rail slots on the underside for accessory mounting.
  • Unique quick mount doubles as an external heat sink.
  • Designed for maximum performance with minimum power consumption.

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