The CueScript openGear Card is an alternative to the CueB device that, as the hub of the CueScript IP teleprompting setup, brings new levels of integration to studio builds, advantages in power, connectivity and reduction of physical footprint.  
The openGear card is mounted in an openGear frame (frame not sold by CueScript), significantly saving rack unit space.  Studios can now deploy up to 10 prompting channels in just 2U of rack space.
Features an Ethernet interface to CueiT, and enables the prompt signal with Composite and HD-SDI video outputs. 
Includes the CueScript openGear card and backplate with CueiT Production license.  If ordering CueiT News version, the CueiT News upgrade (CSNLU) is required.

Technical Specification:

  • OpenGear Card Architecture; 1 slot width
  • Connections included are: 1 x Analogue/Composite, 2 x HD-SDI, 1 x Ethernet
  • Powers via OpenGear Rack.
  • Interfaces to CueiT via Ethernet.
  • USB-mini port for configuration.

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