The manual CueScript Speech Prompter Stand is designed for use by Presenters, Public Speakers and Lecturers. It allows the speaker to address an audience or congregation confidently, factually and provides a reference to their script, without losing viewer engagement.

Clear prompter glass is placed within the glass holder on the telescopic pole and adjusted to a height suitable for the presenter. The glass is then angled so to reflect the monitor attached to the base of the stand, on which the script is scrolled. A surround shield then fits into place around the base to conceal the monitor from the audience. The script image can be seen only by the reader.

The CSSPS Speech Prompter Stand is lightweight and easy to transport, has a range of heights, easily adjusted and has a very smart appearance. The base features the CueScript CueLock mechanism to secure the monitor and the surround shield, and neatly folds away for simple transportation. All CueScript 15”-19” prompt monitors can be used with the CSSPS Speech Prompter Stand.

Elegant telescopic stand that is lightweight and easy to transport.
Ideal for award ceremonies, conferences and presentations.
Enhances general presentation and audience interaction.

Suitable for use with all CueScript’s prompting monitors from the EMC, CSM & CSMV2 IP-enabled range: EMC15, EMC17, CSM15, CSM17, CSM19, CSMV217, CSMV219.

Technical Specification:

  • Each CueScript Speech Prompter Stand comes complete with: 
  • 1 x Adjustable Telescopic Stand
  • 1 x Foldable base with CueLock feature
  • 1 x Surround shield for monitor concealment
  • 1 x Adjustable glass holder
  • 1 x Speech Prompter Glass
  • Minimum height: 72.4cm (28.5”) 
  • Maximum height: 180.4cm (71”)
  • Weight of complete Speech Stand (without monitor): 6.2kg (13.8lbs)
  • Base Size with Surround attached: W:50.2cm x D:55.9cm x H:32.4cm (W:19.75” x D:22” x H:12.75”)
  • Tilt: Manual adjustment
  • Speech Glass size: 260mm x 340mm (10.2” x 13.4”)
  • Attachment of CueScript EMC/CSM/CSMV2 Monitor via CueLock mechansim

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