CueSpin is the perfect tool for positioning studio prompters and PTZ cameras.

Want to remotely position your studio teleprompters? CueSpin allows the use of a single or multiple studio prompters, for use by multiple presenters. We have you covered... in every direction!

The CueSpin is an industry-first, tripod-mounted module which allows +/-135-degree rotation of any teleprompter, offered exclusively through CueScript.

Technical Specification:

For ease of use, CueSpin offers two methods of control; Remote Control Unit or Footswitch. You can choose one or both methods:

Remote Control Unit

Using our Remote Control Unit, up to 9 individual CueSpin units can be controlled independently. Pan left or pan right is accomplished by using a toggle paddle switch. Up to 9 pre-set positions can be stored with each CueSpin. For ease of use, 4 of the pre-set positions are controlled using backlit push buttons. The other 5 pre-set positions, as well as selecting the specific CueSpin body to rotate, are selected using a 12 key keypad. A backlit LCD display provides the user with simple and intuitive control. The Remote Control Unit can be positioned up to 100 feet away from the CueSpin unit. Cabling is standard RJ45 Ethernet.

Footswitch Control

The Footswitch allows for multiple presenters to pan left or pan right to control an individual CueSpin. An unlimited number of Foot Switches can control a single CueSpin unit, allowing for an unlimited number of presenters to use a single studio teleprompter.

Adaptivity: Our Monitor Adapter plate will accommodate either of the standard 75mm or 100mm VESA mounting patterns. CueSpin will mount to any standard Tripod Dovetail mounting plate using either 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 mounting holes. Dovetail plate can be mounted in either of the 90-degree positions.

Flexibility: User can limit rotation, in 10-degree increments, using 2 removable limit bolts. All cabling is standard Cat5e or greater RJ45 Ethernet cables. Standard 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ power is required.

Performance: Weighing only 7 lbs/3.17kg, the CueSpin has a weight capability of 125 lbs/56.7kg and is only 1.5”/38.1mm thick.

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