A truly operator and production friendly prompting software has been born! CueiT has been developed with a deep understanding of what it is to be a prompt operator.
Having had hands on experience, the development team share a vast knowledge from the studio floor to newsrooms and corporate work alike.
Simplicity of visual content, yet intensely packed with necessary and useful features, all of which can be easily viewed and accessed within the one screen – that was the task we gave ourselves and achieved in CueScript style. CueiT has a different structure to that of other prompting software, but upholds a familiar feel with ribbon menus and shortcuts, making it extremely user friendly.

Available for both Windows and Mac.
To suit all types of production there are 3 versions of CueiT to choose from. Click below to decide which is right for you.

Technical Specification:

CueiT Premier

  • Suitable for: Education, middle market, corporate.
  • Output: Video via a secondary graphic card output either direct from the customer’s laptop/PC or via a converter e.g. HDMI/DVI/VGA to SDI/Composite.
  • Includes: CueiT Premier software, license key (dongle) and the CSSC desktop scroll control.

CueiT Production

  • Suitable for: Studio facilities, light entertainment, game shows, sport, live productions and conferences.
  • Connections: USB and Ethernet.
  • Output: Composite video and HD-SDI as standard.
  • Includes: CueiT Production software, CueB and the CSSC desktop scroll control.

CueiT News

  • Suitable for: News, MOS connectivity and all productions using a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS).
  • Connections: USB and Ethernet.
  • Includes: CueiT News software, CueB and the CSSC desktop scroll control.

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