Using the IP function the monitor networks directly to CueScript’s CueiT software over Ethernet, with automatic recognition. The IPCSM monitor integrates with all CueB (CueiT’s external software interface device) installations and auto-syncs to the CueB output.
Alternatively, the IPCSM monitor can act as stand-alone prompter without a CueB. The prompt output can be controlled by a scroll control on the network. There is a USB host port to connect a keyboard for easy, local configuration (IP settings). The IPCSM monitor is set to DHCP as factory default for quick use, but can also be set to a Static IP address in more complex networks. The monitor can also be assigned a friendly name on its output and within CueiT to be easily recognized throughout the network.
CueScript IP-enabled IPCSM prompters are incredibly swift to setup with integrated mounting and our CueLock feature; a spin lock mechanism in which all parts are captive. The IPCSM monitors have a sleek, low profile design that is robust and durable. Low energy consumption and 3 modes of power start up mean that no fans are required, so there are no moving parts. The high resolution and high contrast ratio LED screens provide super smooth scrolling.

Technical Specification:

  • IP-enabled but also with Composite, HD-SDI and 12 volt inputs/outputs as standard.
  • Ethernet input is data-only, no video transmission.
  • Connects over VLANs, subnets and VPNs for remote capabilities.
  • Ability to select the IPCSM monitor at operator/admin discretion, and to lock this configuration.

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