CueScript have collaborated with PresenterTek to offer the Telestepper Rise & Fall Robotic Stands. The Telestepper system allows remote adjustment of Teleprompter stands, ranging in height from 4'6" to 6'6" for speakers at conferences, awards, presentations etc. They are compatible with all CueScript monitors.

Advantages of the Telestepper3® Robotic Stand System:
• Contactless and quick accommodation for speakers of different heights. 
• Remote control allows multiple pre-set positioning.  
• 24” travel in 1” increments (24 positions). 
• Linear/non-linear velocity and travel options available. 
• Mirrored glass can be discreetly lowered from audience view when not in use.
• Ease of Operation;
- 4-button handheld remote control with backlit LCD display can be operated up to 1000’ away.
- Can also be controlled using Windows® PC applications.
- Up to 8 stands can be individually controlled.
• Optional battery powered option with USB-out. 
• Quick system setup and tear down time. 
• Versatile baseplate ensures system stability.  Baseplate can be attached directly to floor for added stability and security.
• Optional 12” and 18” shaft extensions allow stands to be mounted below stage.
• Unobtrusive system;
- Slim 3/4” diameter moving stand shaft. 
- Round anodized surfaces with disappearing edges make stands less visible to the audience.
• Rigid actuator mechanism prevents vibration of mirrored glass in windy situations and on portable stages.  
• Reliable, cost effective and proven design, perfect for events, studios, houses of worship, education, corporate or hospitality use!

What’s Included in each hard-shell travel case:
o (2) Robotic Telescoping stands with 24" travel
o (2) 3/8" base plates
o (2) monitor adapter plates
o (2) adjustable mirror clamps
o (2) monitor shrouds 6" height
o (1) handheld LCD Display Remote Control Unit
o (2) 10' min Ethernet shielded cables for connection of stand 1 to stand 2
o (1) 50' Ethernet shielded cable for connection of Remote Control Unit to stand 
o (2) 24V wall power supplies w/3 pin XLR connectors with (2) AC line cords

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