The custom designed FR7 CueScript prompter ensures that the camera is in the ideal position for capture, giving customers access to the interchangeable lens and providing a reliable, high-quality teleprompter, without the need for any counterbalance.

Technical Specification:

Available in 4 different models, the CueScript FR7 PTZ prompting solution is comprised of the hood, mount, and monitor, to suit customer specification preference.

Much like the original CueScript PTZ Prompter System, counterbalance weight is not required. An additional bonus to using the CueScript PTZ prompter is that high payload taking, more expensive tripods are not needed, as the CueScript PTZ Mount makes using a lighting stand possible.

Whether for studio, conference, boardroom, or outdoor use, presenters will appreciate CueScript’s prompters for their high-resolution LED screens, high contrast ratio and super smooth scrolling enabled by the CueiT software.

Model packages include:
CSV2P19FR7 - 19-inch CSMV2 On-Camera Prompter System
CSV2P17FR7 - 17-inch CSMV2 On-Camera Prompter System
EMCP17FR7 - 17-inch EMC On-Camera Prompter System
EMCP15FR7 - 15-inch EMC On-Camera Prompter System

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