OnTime connects to a CueScript CSTD Time Display and CSMV2 (or previous CSM) prompt monitor. The CSTD digital time code display mounts to the CueScript CSMV2 (and CSM) prompter range.

Technical Specification:

Information on the CSTD Time Display:
The CueScript CSTD Time Display also doubles as a cue light, taking the camera tally signal via CueScript’s photoelectric cell sensor or the wired camera tally. This changes the numbers from green to red when live/ on air.

There are 4 ways to supply timecode to the CSTD display from CSMV2 Monitors:

01. LTC Timecode – Supply LTC timecode signal to the mini XLR connector on the monitor.

02. VITC Timecode – Supply VITC timecode via Composite input on the monitor, along with video signal.

03. D-VITC Timecode - Supply D-VITC timecode via SDI Prompt IN input on the monitor, along with video signal.

04. OnTime Device - Supplies NTP timecode via USB, using Wi-Fi for accurate timing on the road

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