Need a speech prompter?

A speech prompter can help you deliver your talk with precision and confidence.

Look no further than CueScript and our competent range of teleprompters. Built with the end user in mind, our prompting equipment can be the perfect speech prompter to help you give the delivery you need. With more experience in the prompting industry than any other – our team is on hand to help you make the right decision.

Why use a speech prompter?

When delivering a speech or presentation, you want to be facing and engaging with your audience. Using traditional methods can mean you would often look away from the audience, becoming disengaged. With a speech prompter you can talk directly to the audience without worrying what to say next. Address the audience confidently and factually by using the smart CueScript Speech Prompter stands. Our speech prompters are ideal for award ceremonies, conferences and presentations.

The CueScript solution

Introducing the CueScript Speech Prompter Stand. The manual speech prompter stand is designed for use by presenters, public speakers and lecturers. Our stand gives the speaker the ability to address the audience while having a a reference to their script.

It works by placing a clear piece of prompter within the glass holder, on the telescopic pole. Once adjusted to a height suitable for the presenter, the glass is angled to reflect the monitor attached to the base of the stand.

You can learn more about our CSSPS product and learn more about our other available products.