Our Teleprompter Software

Introducing operator and production friendly teleprompter software from CueScript.

At CueScript, we are proud to introduce our CueiT Software Packages. We have developed our teleprompter software with a deep understanding of what is is to be a prompt operator. Our development team have hands on experience and share a vast knowledge. This knowledge ranges from experience on the studio floor, corporate and the newsroom. We have then taken this knowledge and channeled it into our CueScript CueiT Software.

What sets our teleprompter software apart?

Our teleprompter software has a simplicity of visual content. To accompany this is a full feature packed application with all necessary and useful functionality. These are all delivered in an easy to view way and accessed all from within one, single screen. To handle all types of production we have developed 3 versions of our teleprompter software.

Which CueScript teleprompter software is right for me?

Our CueiT Premier software is suitable for education, middle market and corporate users. Meanwhile, our CueiT Production offering is ideal for studio facilities, light entertainment, game shows, sport, live productions and conferences. Finally our CueiT News teleprompter software is perfect for all productions using a newsroom computer system and MOS connectivity.

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