CSHM & CSHL - Teleprompter Hood

CSHM & CSHL - Teleprompter Hood

Molded forming Teleprompter Hoods


The CueScript Teleprompter Hoods, available in medium (CSHM) or large (CSHL) sizes, have a unique curved design. The reasoning behind this was to remove the ridges found in conventional prompter hoods. These ridges cause unwanted reflections within the hood that bounce back into the camera lens causing flares.

Each of our hoods have CueScript’s CueLock feature which allows quick and easy installation and adjustment.

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Technical specification:


CueScript Medium Teleprompter Hood

Complete with the Medium Glass (CSGM), light shroud and mounting hardware for the CueLock easy installation system.

Suitable for 15" and 17" CueScript Monitors: CSM15 / CSM17 / EMC15 / EMC17.



CueScript Large Teleprompter Hood

Complete with the Large Glass (CSGL), light shroud and mounting hardware for the CueLock easy installation system.

Suitable for the 15", 17" and 19" CueScript Monitors: CSM15 / CSM17 / CSM19 / EMC15 / EMC17.

The CSHL hood is required for wide angle shots and box lenses.



CSHM - Medium Hood with mounting hardware & glass: 8.2lbs/3.7kg

CSHL - Large Hood with mounting hardware & glass: 9lbs/4kg

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