CSFSC Foot Scroll Control

CSFSC Foot Scroll Control

CueScript Foot Scroll Control


CueScript’s foot control device that operates and adjusts the speed and direction of scrolling text on the prompter.

With a stylised and sturdy design employing the very latest components for durability and reliance, the CSFSC Foot Control uses a capacitive encoder (CE) to give finite control and 100% reliability. Much like an accelerator pedal, the further the pedal is pushed, the faster the scroll of text. Carefully designed and engineered to provide the optimal balance of sensitivity, resistance and comfort, whether standing or seated.

The CSFSC can connect to the CueScript Desktop Scroll Control (CSSC) to act as a presenter desk pad. This means quick command buttons can be easily accessed by the presenter. These allow navigation around the script and trigger configurable commands within CueScript’s CueiT software.

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Technical specification:


- Capacitive encoder gives super smooth scrolling, 100% reliability and a lifetime guarantee.

- Connectivity via USB, Ethernet and CAN bus over coaxial cable when using CueiT Production or CueiT News.

- 12v XLR input (required when employing Ethernet or CAN bus).

- Reverse button offers immediate reverse action.

- RJ11 connection from the CSFSC to the CueScript Desktop Scroll Control (CSSC) to act as a desk pad, offering 8 buttons for presenter control: Next Story, Previous Story, Top of Runorder, Blank Screen, Next Marker, Previous Marker and 2 x configurable command buttons.

- For use with CueiT Premier, CueiT Production and CueiT News.

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