CueScript Counterbalance Weights slide onto the rear of the Mount Purple plates. Adjustment of the weight is simple and configurable by adding or reducing the specially designed weights. 
The clever design of the CueScript CSBW4 and CSBW4H weights mean that they can be angled and positioned to increase counterbalance but reduce the amount of physical weight required.
There are 4 weights included in each set and they are available in 2 sizes: Standard (CSBW4) and Extra Heavy (CSBW4H)
It is suggested that you purchase a set of the 6” extension rods (CSMP6) for the Mount Purple when attaching counterbalance weights.

Technical Specification:

  • There are 2 sets of weights available (each set includes 4 weights): 
  • CSBW4 - Standard Counterbalance Weights Set
  • Total weight (with rack included): 13.9lbs/6.3kg
  • CSBW4H - Extra Heavy Counterbalance Weights Set
  • Total weight (with rack included): 25lbs/11.3kg

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