An alphanumeric tally digital time code display that mounts to the CueScript CSM and CSMV2 prompter range. The CueScript Time Display also doubles as a cue light, taking the camera tally signal via CueScript’s photoelectric cell sensor or the wired camera tally. This changes the numbers from green to red when live/on air.

VTC input and backup time kept with a 32kHz watch crystal
Power and VTC via mini USB direct from the CueScript monitor
Simple mounting to CueScript CSM and CSMV2 Monitors

Technical Specification:

  • Reads and displays VITC SMPTE time code both NTSC and EBU.
  • (6) 2" 5x7 dot matrix 5mm LED displays and (2) 1.2" 5x7 3mm displays for AM or PM.
  • Changes colour from green to red on tally.
  • 12 hour or 24 hour mode selection.
  • Clock time can be externally set for when no VITC available.
  • Backup time is kept with 32 kHz watch crystal.
  • 1+ year battery backup (x1 CR2032) changeable without tools.
  • Powered directly from monitor (5V) and low current (500ma).
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Total weight with mounting arms of just 0.7kg.

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