CueScript Puts Big Words Into Little Packages

CueScript Puts Big Words Into Little Packages

19th July 2016

As a one-person prompting operation, Sandi Winslow reveals how much she loves the design of her CueScript Teleprompter...

Size does indeed matter. On a recent 4K shoot with the larger-than-life-sized Shaquille O’Neal, I was reminded of how much I love the design and ergonomics of my compact but fully featured CueScript CSM15 15-inch LED high-brightness HD-SDI teleprompter monitor.

As a one-person operation, I have to travel with all the equipment I’m going to need on a job: that’s the prompter monitor, glass, hood, laptop and a 3-inch riser plate for when I have to attach to smaller cameras. If it weren’t for the compact, transportable CueScript system, I could hardly stand so tall next to someone of Shaq’s stature.

I can place the glass inside CueScript’s foldable hood, and then put the whole thing in a single bag that I carry with me, so it’s double protected. It’s lightweight, and once it’s unpacked and I’ve got the mount on the tripod’s quick-release plate, I’m fully set up in just a few minutes.

When I walk into a studio or boardroom, or wherever the shoot happens to be, I don’t want the production team or the talent to have to wait for me. It’s that quick setup time that makes me invisible. And it’s the stability and clarity of the CueScript prompter that makes me shine in the eyes of my client.

Sandi Winslow of OnCue Prompting in Atlanta is a teleprompting expert with more than 20 years of experience.

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