Teaching Tools at North Carolina Central University

Teaching Tools at North Carolina Central University

17th July 2020

Students get hands-on training with professional broadcast equipment.

North Carolina Central University’s NCCU TV Studio has a mission of training students for their professional careers through hands-on experience. To help with that mission, the school purchased CueScript's EMC prompters with Large Hoods, to be able to achieve wide-angle shots, and three SK-UHD4000 UHD cameras from Hitachi Kokusai.

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CueScript is delighted to support schools and universities to enhance their student's experience and training. The EMC prompter range is designed especially for educational use, offering a more simplified, budgetary version of our professional broadcast prompters (CSM and CSMV2 lines), whilst mainintining the smooth clarity of scroll and excellent quality expected from a CueScript prompter.

More information on all CueScript prompter monitors can be found HERE.