CueScript names AVC-systems as its Swiss distributor

CueScript names AVC-systems as its Swiss distributor

18th May 2015

EINSIEDELN, SWITZERLAND, MAY 18, 2015 - CueScript has designated AVC-Systems AG its latest distributor in Switzerland.

Effective immediately, AVC will assume distribution rights for all CueScript products in the country.

Established in 1997, AVC was launched as a distribution channel for worldwide broadcast equipment manufacturers, providing specific system design solutions for production houses. Today, AVC serves both public and private broadcasters all over Switzerland.

"We're a longtime distributor of Ross Video products, and for years, we could not find a quality prompter solution for its robotic heads," says Rafael Kalin, General Manager of AVC-Systems AG. "Once CueScript began supporting Ross products, it built the company a prompter system that was easy to mount. It executed the quality of the image, the viewing angle and the overall flexibility of the product in a way that demonstrates its understanding of prompting product design and focus on customers' needs. CueScript created a great solution for automated production, and this is one of the reasons we are happy to partner with the company. It is clearly committed to innovative products, and superior customer service."

Through AVC-Systems, CueScript's products will reach an expanded market. "AVC-Systems is a dependable distributor," says Brian Larter, Managing Director, CueScript. "Its professionalism and knowledge of the broadcast market in Switzerland will allow us to extend CueScript's reach in the country. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to increase that access to our prompter solutions."

Available for distribution through AVC-Systems AG is CueScript's full range of products, which includes the flagship CSM line of LED High Brightness HD-SDI Prompter Monitors (available in 15", 17" and 19" models) with the new CS CueNumber double digit cue light, geared toward a range of live and studio productions. Additionally, the company's EMC line (available in 15" and 17" models), designed for education, middle market and corporate applications, will also be on offer. 

About CueScript
Launched in 2014 by industry veterans Michael Accardi, Peter Carey and Brian Larter, CueScript provides creative teleprompting hardware and software solutions, with innovative feature-rich designs for all broadcast production needs. The company's top priority is to provide exceptional experiences to customers and users with its products and services, all of which are based on the vast industry experience of its founders and its close relationships with distributors, vendors and OEM partners. Backed by the company's unique approach to prompting, CueScript's top priority is to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers and users from the beginning, as they work together to build successful longstanding relationships.