Rent a Prompter

Rent a prompter from CueScript and let us increase the quality of your shoot today. We can improve your shoot time with our knowledge and expertise.

Our rental team is on hand for all your requirements, covering everything from Live TV, corporate shoots, award ceremonies and concerts. The top 5 reasons to rent a prompter from CueScript:

#1 Improve on quality

Our range of technicians and operators can ensure that your speakers deliver in the best way possible. Through understanding of the equipment right through to real life experience, our knowledge on setup and configuration will help your speakers deliver perfectly every time.

#2 Cost effective and professional option

The initial outlay for a one-off award ceremony or event doesn't warrant the investment cost of a teleprompter setup. That is where prompter rental becomes a cost effective solution that still allows your speakers to deliver a professional performance with state of the art equipment.

#3 Reduce shoot times

CueScripts prompter rental team can be involved and on hand at any level. If desired, we can streamline and manage your whole process. With our knowledge and experience we can keep your shoot on track.

#4 Discover CueScript

Prompter rental for your shoot gives you the opportunity to test CueScripts great range of products prior to considering investment. See how our products can transform your shoot, improving the quality of the end product and production along the way.

#5 Learn of a new way of thinking

Our range of teleprompters really do blend style and practicality. We are a progressive teleprompter company and are home to the first complete IP prompting solution.

Rent a prompter today

For more information on prompter rental and to learn more on renting a prompter, contact the CueScript team today. Reach us by email at Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your prompter rental directly, call us on +44 (0)20 3757 8880 (UK office) or +1 (203) 763 4030 (US office).